About Us

Affordable Social Media, Inc. is a multifaceted, single focused Social Media company.

Multifaceted in as much as our marketing plan markets your business over several well tested social media sites. We market your product in four different markets simultaneously.

The same message (single-focus) is published to each market. This approach ensures a consistent message from one market to another. Our single focus provides maximum long-term exposure to four or more diverse customer markets through the use of social media.

When you contract with ASM to build your social media (internet) presence, you’ll get a team of seasoned social media professionals; people who’ve been in the game and leverage their broad based client experience with each and every client. What we learn from one client, we share with all of our clients. This process allows us to gain maximum efficiency out of each dollar our clients spend with us.

The business model has gone through changes and come to be the premier business model for Affordable Social Media, Inc. Our model is easy to understand and provides solutions to many business’ issues. The attention to detail and thoroughness of our social media campaigns is impeccable. We’ve developed a standardized set of analytics to map progress of our clients’ social media campaigns. By the way, did we mention affordable?

As an ASM client you are assured maximum multi-market penetration and long-term exposure for an affordable price. Affordable Social Media, Inc. takes the worry and concern for your social media penetration off your shoulders. Our team is experienced in business oriented social media marketing rather than the more commonly known and understood socialization that takes place on social sites. The process involves building and deploying business campaigns to stake out your social media real estate. We show you how to become the “expert” in your field in such a way that people will turn to you to provide solutions. Through our process your business will earn branding rights, and a huge piece of internet real estate.

Have you ever thought about having multi-market social media penetration for one price from one company? Now you can have that with Affordable Social Media, Inc. Our packages are tailored to your business need. After a short interview you or your representative, we’ll put together a personalized social media package for you and/or your business that will give you and/or your company maximum multi-market social media penetration and long-term exposure.